HK Group LLChumanitarian demining

HK Group LLChumanitarian demining

HK Group LLC

“HK GROUP” Limited Liability Company (HK GROUP LLC) was founded in 2020 by reserve officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Implementation of humanitarian demining activities using all methods and techniques and cleaning areas from explosives.

Training centerHK GROUP LLC together with the “Humanitarian Demining Training Center” LLC can provide vocational training for humanitarian demining specialists for the needs of Ukraine

CertificationLicense for security activities, certificates of conformity of mine action processes in following areas: non-technical inspection, technical inspection, demining of the area of hostilities, manual demining, explosive ordnance risk education. Certificate for quality management system in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 9001:20218.

EquipmentHK GROUP LLC is fully equipped with machinery and equipment for humanitarian demining processes, including means of searching for explosive devices, personal protective equipment, marking and equipment of the work site, medical equipment.


Relevance and Problems

The area of Ukraine contaminated with explosives has grown to incredible
proportions, including parts of Western Ukraine, as a result of a large-scale
military invasion of Ukraine, active hostilities, constant shelling of Ukrainian
cities and civilian infrastructure.
In addition, the aggressors are actively mining the territory and infrastructure
of our country by mines and improvised explosive devices.
Ukraine will need a lot of time demining period after the war with Russia .

Ways to Solve Problems

World experience shows that the solution to the problem of contamination of areas with explosives is to build an effective system of mine action in all five main areas:
● Informing the population about the risks associated with explosive devices.● Humanitarian demining.● Providing assistance to victims.● Destruction and disposal of surplus ammunition.● Propaganda work on the non-use of anti-personnel mines.
Both state structures and charitable, private andcommercial organizations are involved in theimplementation of mine action processes.

Our Opportunities

For today HK GROUP LLC provides services in the field of humanitariandemining according to the following processes:
● non-technical inspection● technical inspection● demining of the area of hostilities● manual deminingEORE
To carry out activities in the field of humanitarian demining, HK GROUP LLC has developed and agreed with the certification body for mine action the Standard Operating Procedures and other guidelines governing theorganization's activities in the field of planning demining operations,humanitarian demining methods, site equipment and marking, laborprotection, quality management, medical care, accident response and other.



HK GROUP LLC is fully equipped with machinery andequipment for humanitarian demining processes, includingmeans of searching for explosive devices, personal protectiveequipment, marking and equipment of the work site, medicalequipment.


Humanitarian Demining Training Center

Limited Liability Company “Humanitarian Demining Training Center” (the Training Center) was founded in 2021. The Training Center is a vocational school of the first certification level, which provides the needs for vocational education of humanitarian demining specialists, their mastery of working professions at the educational and qualification level“skilled worker”. The purpose of the Training Center is to meet the country's needs for skilled and competitive workers in the labor market with a degree in vocational education, which focuses on specialization in humanitarian demining and teaching theoretical foundations and practical skills relevant to current or future professional activitiesof sappers (demining).
For today, the Training Center has:
● developed and agreed with the relevant structural units of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and public authorities thematic plans and training programs in the field of humanitarian demining in all its aspects;● complete material and technical base for training;● base of educational and methodical support;● information support base, etc.
All documents are executed in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, meet the requirements of the National Standard of Ukraine GSTC-P 8820:2018 “Mine action. Management processes. Basic Provisions” and the recommendations of the International Mine Action Standards IMAS.


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